Changes Aren’t Always Visible

I spent most of last night making changes to the website that you likely won’t even have noticed.

That’s either because you’re reading this in your email, (special shout out to you guys and girls for the support) or the changes that have been made simply aren’t visible.

For instance, I’ve embedded the email sign up form below this article and all the articles that follow within my theme’s .php files. The thing is, the forms were there before and had I neglected to mention how much of a hack job it was, you probably wouldn’t even have known it needed changing in the first place.

Likewise, there are sometimes changes that we need to make within ourselves that aren’t explicitly visible to others even after we’ve made them. It can leave you feeling deflated when nobody understands quite how much it’s taken for you to make this change. It might be negligible to others but to you, it’s nothing short of an internal revolution. There’s a broad spectrum of significance when it comes to these internal revolutions but every change, whether visible or not, is as important as the last.

A quick disclaimer: I’m not really qualified to be giving life coaching. I’d urge you not to consider this as anything but the introspective observations of a 20 something-year-old, who recently read a few books and now seems to think he’s the next Dalai Lama.

I’m kidding, of course, and the only reason I haven’t deleted that sentence is so that I can show you how my insecurities seem to manifest themselves. Being more open about my insecurities is one of the small changes that I’ve made within myself.

If like me, you struggle to express your darker feelings, it might be worth writing them down along with every conceivable way you could change them for the better. I find doing this with friends or family to be extremely beneficial. If you each write a problem you have or something you’d like to change about yourself, swap them with each other or among yourselves depending on the group size, and write every conceivable possible solution, there might just be a real, actionable answer in there somewhere.

If nothing else, it helps you to better understand each other which I think is something we could all benefit from. This isn’t a one size fits all remedy to all your problems but it’s certainly helped me and a handful of my friends with ours.

Once you begin looking introspectively and start making these changes, you open up a whole new world of possibilities.

We’re all characters in our own unique stories and every passing day is an opportunity to test out a new attribute of that character. We often choose traits that we think other people will notice and we hope that it’ll make those people like us. Try instead actively targeting one that only you will notice and I guarantee it will have the same effect.



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