I’ve been a collector my whole life.

The items which I’ve chosen to collect have changed frequently over time, but like many of you, I’ve always collected something.

Be it trading cards, coins, comic books, shoes, fine wines, stationary or retro Star Wars toys, we’re all connected by the fact that to collect is intrinsically sewn into our DNA.

The art of collecting likely comes from prehistoric behaviours our ancestors developed in order to impress the opposite sex.

However, there aren’t many of us today who collect for the sole purpose of showcasing our value to others.

On the contrary.

The vast majority of us collect despite what others think of us.

Think back to the scene in 40-Year-Old Virgin where Steve Carell’s character, Andy, is pressured into selling his huge collection of figurines and memorabilia.

I hated those characters. I’m sure we all did.

What we choose to collect defines us. It represents us as individuals and connects us to other people. ‘Things’ and ‘stuff’ won’t bring us happiness.

That has to come from within.

But it’s OK to enjoy building a collection in moderation.    

What do you collect and how does it define you?



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