Conducting Valuable Research

“Advertisers who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore the signs of the enemy. “ – David Ogilvy

I was recently approached by a reader who asked how I manage to stay focused on creating and releasing daily content.
Thinking it would be a good topic of conversation, and that I had some value to offer regarding the subject, I sat down yesterday to write a piece on How I Combat Procrastination.

Before I knew it, the day was coming to a close and I’d written a single sentence.

Call it what you want but I like to think of this as conducting valuable research.

OK, so maybe I’m sugar-coating it. I fucked up, got lazy and became a hypocrite in the process, but it’s not the end of the world. I won’t apologise for taking a Sunday afternoon off and I won’t punish myself for not quite being ready to do what I set out to at the start of the day.

Of course, it’s important to prioritise and if you’re prepared enough to have a schedule then you’ll no doubt benefit from increased productivity. Above all else though, doing something is better than doing nothing and what you’re you’re reading now are the fruits of that ideology.

Take care not to rush these things. It’s worth holding back some of your reserves and being better prepared in the event that you need them.

Today is a new day. Tomorrow will be too.



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