Developing Your Desired Skill Set

Working on long, tedious projects has never been my forté.

When scouting for places to eat, I always consider the variety that the restaurant has on their menu.

I enjoy choice and the freedom that comes with diversity.

That’s why I’m so set on developing skills that I wish I had.

It’s something people don’t do enough. They find something they’re good at and they stick to it.

I’m not ignorant to the fact that this is how and why true experts come to be but it’s certainly not how I operate.

I find that I flourish when I enjoy the work I’m doing and enjoy the work I’m doing most when there are an array of tasks to complete.

The ‘problem’ with this, is that you have to develop a broad range of skills in order to be able to complete each task to the professional standard that is expected of you.

I say problem but this is easily the best side effect of becoming a Professional Generalist.

But how do I become a Professional Generalist? Where do I start?

If you want it, be it.

Start by writing down a list of the skills you’d like to have that you don’t currently possess.

Put them in order of priority.

Set aside some time each day to build on this desired skill.

It can be 10 minutes, an hour or the entire day if you can afford it but commit to the development of your skill set and make this investment habitual.

1% every day for a year constitutes to a 365% markup from the 0% you would otherwise be making.

The thumbnail of this post was drawn after just two weeks of investment into digital art; a skill that I’ve wanted to develop but never thought I would be capable of.

And if you fail –which sometimes you will– fail fast and fail often.

Your skill set is what makes your application stand out among the crowd and whilst it could be conceived that you might not be “as good” as other candidates, you still offer more value than the one-trick-ponies of the world.

There is an opportunity to be had.

Take it. It’s yours.



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