4.3 Embrace Being a Learner

So you’ve popped the question and received a few responses.

You’ve sorted through the candidates who are either too busy or disinterested and you’ve respectfully offered to stay in touch with anyone who could potentially be a part of your professional network at a later date.

Now you’re left with at least one mentor who is willing —or better yet— enthusiastic about the opportunity to give you guidance and catapult your career into new territory.

Having someone to riff from and bounce off is invaluable to both parties involved and now that you’ve established a connection with your mentor, you can directly ask for advice when you need it or even offer a helping hand when you have some value to give.

Your new mentor might make the first move but don’t be afraid to take the lead and don’t stop asking questions.

You don’t know how long your mentor is going to be available to you (unless you agreed on a schedule with an endpoint) so take advantage of what precious time you have with them.  

This will keep you in the learner frame of mind that encourages you to soak up all that valuable information.

It’ll also help to strengthen your relationship with your mentor and keep them interested in your journey.

If you’re asking all the right questions, you’ll be keeping them on their toes and this can sometimes be as valuable as to them as having all the right answers is to you.

If you’re not sure what questions to ask, don’t hesitate to ask them what questions they think you should be asking. 

They may well have had their own mentors and will likely be able to empathise with your position.

Either pick their brains or don’t bother approaching them for help in the first place.

Time is money so, whatever you do, value each others time— it’s not free.


This post concludes the asking for help segment of There’s More to Building a House than Laying the Bricks.

Tomorrow we’ll begin discussing the financial implications of starting your business.

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