Exceeding Expectations

Throughout the course of your lifetime, the economy is undoubtedly going to swell and deflate and your business is either going to flourish or struggle depending on how you approach times of economic turbulence.

Despite the cuts that people make to their spending, people are always going to be one of two things during economic instability.

The Buyer or The Seller

It’s up to you to determine which one you’d rather be and act accordingly.

One thing I’ve learned over time is that to stand out among the crowd and cut through the noise, you have to exceed people’s expectations and I’ve endeavored to do just that in every job I’ve ever had— sometimes even making management suspicious of my motives.

In exceeding expectations, you’re creating value and this is the key, not just to customer acquisition, but to customer retention, also.

There are three areas in which you should be aiming to exceed expectations.

Price, quality and service.

None are exclusive of the other and, ideally, you should be looking at delivering value in all three areas where possible.

The reason?

Because the expectation you exceed on a regular basis will bring you good fortune in the future.

This often exhibits itself in repeat custom, testimonials, referrals and more.

Exceeding expectations goes beyond doing more than what is asked of you though.

It’s a mantra to live by.

Exceeding expectations is the daily pursuit of expressing yourself through a proactive effort to deliver genuine value.

Working this way is completely voluntary and because of that, your perceived value is elevated whenever your efforts are recognised.

Striving to exceed expectations comes with an understanding of expected performance and the rejection of mediocrity.

Anyone already subscribing themselves to this mindset will understand that exceeding expectations involves taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary.

And whilst it takes more effort to produce the desired results (yours not theirs) you take solace in the fact that what you’ve done is remarkable and not normal.

Why is this so important?

Because in a world made up of buyers and sellers, it’s really difficult to sell ‘normal.’



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