Follow Your Dreams

Buddah statue in Thailand

Following your dreams, but only for as long as you can get off work, is not following your dreams. 

A friend of mine is leaving for Thailand next year. After I asked him how long he’d be spending there, he said he could only get one month off work before he would have to return.

“Return for what?” I asked. He knew what I was getting at by the tone of my voice.

“Well, I just don’t want to leave my job because—” he pauses.

We’ve been talking about The Lizard Brain a lot lately.

“You’re right,” he said despite me having said nothing. “If I leave some of my shit here and decide to stay in Thailand for a few more months, will you throw it away or sell it for me?”

He knew I’d say yes but asked anyway out of courtesy. He’s a good friend. Even offered to let me keep the money but I wouldn’t dream of it.

He’s now studying English as a foreign language and pursuing something that he thought was out of his reach.

There are opportunities wherever you are.

The Connection Economy allows for us to seek out and seize whatever we wish with a level of difficulty so small, so insignificant that there are 6-year-olds making Millions of dollars in revenue on Youtube.

There are backpackers travelling the world with Patreon, Crowdfunding, Gofundme or Indiegogo as their income stream.

There are bloggers, that started with nothing, making something of themselves with just a laptop and their imagination.

What is holding you back?

If it’s your job, then perhaps it’s time to reconsider your priorities.



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