How I Combat Writer’s Block

Anybody who has ever written has likely had the misfortune of experiencing writer’s block.

The idea that you hit a creative wall, and are no longer able to work because of it, is something that is absolutely terrifying to anybody currently writing their dissertation, book or daily blog post.

That said, writer’s block is also something that can be targeted head-on.

‘A Whack On The Side Of The Head’ by Roger Von Oechi offers up some great advice on how to combat creative stagnation.

But, in writing these daily blogs, I’ve found that the best way to prevent writer’s block from impacting your workflow is to simply write how you speak.

Seth Godin said it best during an interview with Problogger:


“No one gets talker’s block. And so if you wake up in the morning unable to speak, then you need a physician. Everyone else doesn’t have that problem. So if you can train yourself to talk in complete sentences, and actually come up with thoughts that are worth sharing, then writing isn’t particularly hard—you just write down what you say.”


At its core, writing is just getting information from one brain to another. If you’re able to communicate effectively in the way you speak, then the way you write will improve by default.

My advice?

Talk more.



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