Interesting Conversation

Interesting conversation is pivotal in your quest for mental, physical and emotional growth.

Practice initiating interesting conversation. Then practice engaging in it.

Don’t be afraid to make a fool out of yourself and don’t hold back in your approach.

As you become more comfortable with exploring your thoughts and interests, you’ll begin to test your own boundaries as well as the boundaries of your peers.

Things will likely become conceptual at times and whilst you might find yourself to be entirely pragmatic in some cases, you’ll become creative beyond your wildest dreams in others.

Have fun with it.

Ask questions that are difficult to answer and attempt to answer questions to which answers can only be theorised.

Learn how to argue in a respectful manner and you’ll come to settle your disputes amicably.

Understand that you might be wrong and that it may be necessary to bite your tongue even when you’re right.  

Be sure to listen, not just to respond, but to understand.

Make a habit of being the last to speak and ensure you add value by serving the conversation rather than expecting the conversation to serve you.



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