“Everything you’ve ever read of mine is first draft.” – Alan Moore

I find myself behind schedule today; and with good reason.

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you’ll know that I’m working on an eBook called “There’s More To Building a House Than Laying the Bricks.”

This week, I’m taking you through the drafting process as we conquer the subject of starting your own business in the vague context of building a house.

My hope is that it will provide you with some actionable advice that you can take apply to every stage of making your dream a reality.

I hadn’t anticipated the immense pressure that would come with writing such a piece and so, here I am, writing a letter of apology to my beloved readers.

The lesson here is to show up.

Be consistent, keep your promises and stay true to your vision.

You might deviate from your path but if you know where you want to be— if you can see your North Star, you’ll be just fine.

I wrote this at 08:20 am at the office desk of my 9-5 on what feels like 3 hours sleep.

It’s time for a coffee.



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