People Are Greedy

Nature is bustling with a vast array of creatures, big and small, that collect.

The bee that collects nectar to turn into beeswax and contribute to the construction of the hive.

The squirrel that stockpiles acorns and hazelnuts in the hollow of a tree.

The camel that stores fat in its hump so it can go for up to six months without food or water.

Whilst these animals rely on hoarding for their survival and our natural instincts have suffered over the millennia, humans are not exempt from this behaviour.

As with most topics of conversation, there are extreme cases here, too. But most of us hoard or collect in one way or another.

Why? Because we’re greedy.

People are greedy for three things:

Time, love and money.

But how can we appeal to people’s greed in a way that benefits our business?

Let’s use a restaurant as our example.

Time: The chef, who prepares a delicious meal with efficiency and finesse.

Love: The waitress, who is both friendly and attentive.

Money: The manager, who gives a discount “because it’s your first time dining with us.”

If you can find a way to appeal to people’s greed. More specifically, a way that offers value to your customer… you can certainly expect repeat custom on a more frequent basis than if you were to simply shove your product or service in their face and expect a thank you for your efforts.

Build a relationship with your customers and do so selflessly.

Show appreciation for their custom and deliver on your promises. If you do, they will reward you.


With their time, their love and their money.



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