Playing Catch-Up

I’ve exhausted all of my resources and now I’m playing catch up.

It’s no secret that one of my goals this year is to publish one blog post every single day.

I’ve managed to keep up with my target so far and the blog is certainly looking better for it.

Writing this frequently does come at a cost, though.

Whilst new material is EVERYWHERE, locking in on one topic and doing it well is a challenge in and of itself.

Having a huge backlog of documents with titles and no actual content ready to publish isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It certainly means I have plenty to be getting on with but I can’t help feeling like I’m playing catch-up.

Ideally, I’d have six or more articles to choose from but I seem to have let the lizard brain convince me that my content isn’t good enough, that I should be putting more time into these posts and that the quality of my writing is suffering at the hands of a deadline that actually, doesn’t even exist outside of my own mind.

How do I plan to approach this situation?


Acknowledge the problem I’m facing

The problem here is that I’m not tackling enough quality tasks in my spare time. What I mean by this is that I’ve been ‘busy’ doing unimportant tasks like watching webinars, reading books and changing the colours on the website, when I could have, and probably should have, been writing a higher volume of better quality content.

Target Key Areas of Change

Being productive is paramount. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you’re busy when really, you’re just doing shit that isn’t strictly necessary. I do work from 9-17:30 so I need to cut myself a little bit of slack, but I know I could still be doing more than my current workflow.

Here’s a list of tasks I’d like to get on within the next few days:

  • Write a backlog of usable content that I can publish without hesitation.
  • Design a thumbnail template on Canva.
  • Upload high-resolution pictures instead of using stock images.
  • Post regular content to my Instagram feed.
  • Engage more in Facebook Groups.
  • Automate my content syndication.
  • Talk more.

Forget About Things You Can’t Change

Up to now, I’ve posted to my blog every day. I’ve also neglected my social media pages. And whilst I know I could have been doing more, I need to do a Paulie from Donnie Brasco and ‘Fuhgeddaboudit’. If you aren’t set to gain anything from the task at hand then you’re wasting your time. Move on.

Despite all of this, I am incredibly happy with what I’ve been able to achieve through this blog in the short amount of time I’ve been contributing toward it. It’s constantly evolving and I think that says a lot about me and my own self-development journey.

I would encourage anyone to set out to do one piece of personal work every single day. If you can align it with your vocational occupation then, in my eyes, you’re already ahead of the game.

Use your time wisely. You don’t get a second shot at life.



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