Purpose and Repurpose

In Dijon, France there’s a brand called Maille.

Their purpose is simple.

They produce delicious condiments such as mustard, hollandaise and cornichons as pictured above.  

The problem with Maille’s purpose is that there are hundreds of other brands with exactly the same mission and a similar or better product than theirs.

The brilliance of Maille is not necessarily in their purpose, but rather, their repurpose.

You see, there’s more to Maille than what you find inside the tub. The eagle-eyed of you might have noticed already that the packaging itself is actually a stylised glass.

A colleague of mine, originally from France, tells me that it was somewhat part of the culture to collect these glasses, as it was considered more efficient than buying the two products separately.

Imagine a world where people considered repurpose as much as they do purpose.



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