The Unconventional Sunday

How do you spend your Sundays?

The cliché of the lazy Sunday has become a staple of mainstream culture.

It might sound silly but how many of us have willingly adopted Sunday as our day of rest?

I’ve started taking an unconventional approach to my Sundays, using them to organise my weekly schedule and complete the extensive weekend to do lists that I write on a Friday afternoon.

What difference can one day a week really make?

Put it this way, You don’t ever get these Sundays back…

When you adopt the unconventional Sunday, you capitalise on fifty-two full days a year. (Fifty-three on a leap year).

Not only do you give yourself fifty-two opportunities to do more, but by maximising your weekly output, you decrease the amount of time it takes for you to elevate yourself from where you currently are to the moment you exceed the audacious life goal you set yourself when you began this journey.

The novice will approach their Sunday with the idea that they give themselves more time to hit their weekly targets.

If you do this, you’re missing the point of the unconventional Sunday.  

The expert will utilise this time in much the same way as they do their Saturday, using it as an opportunity to organise their weekly schedule, increase their productivity, realise their full potential and ultimately, reach their milestones faster and with conviction.

So I ask again.

How do you spend your Sundays?  


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