Things Will Be Better When Syndrome

Happiness seems to have become so elusive in today’s materialistic world.

It’s so easy to think everything will be better when you buy that thing you need in order to do the task you’ve been putting off for longer than you care to remember.

I’ll give you an example:

I’d been putting off creating video content for an embarrassing amount of time because I thought that I didn’t have an appropriate camera

I convinced myself that buying a DSLR would motivate me to start creating quality video content.

It didn’t.

Then I decided that it was the quality of the camera that was preventing me from making video content

And so I bought a top of the range 4k camera with all the appendages that even a pro vlogger would be proud of.

Surely this would inspire me to start producing the quality video content I had been so desperate to create?

It didn’t.

In fact, I was so caught up in getting the right equipment that when I eventually had it, I felt completely out of my depth.

So what did I do?

I started again.

I sold the 4k camera and started to use my phone to create video content for my Instagram feed.

What did I learn?

Not only did I have the ability to create video content all along… but it was literally at my fingertips the entire time. There was no need, whatsoever, to spend hundreds of pounds on new gear.

Did having everything I thought I needed to make me happy?


Did getting rid of it make me happy?

No, it didn’t but it wasn’t essential to my cause and I actually turned a profit in the process so it made sense to let go of a possession that I liked but didn’t strictly need.

You know what did make me happy though?

Doing what I set out to do, putting a stop to all the excuses and realising that the quality of my message far exceeds the quality of the gear I use to relay it.

You might be thinking that there’s something you need before you can begin your journey.

There isn’t.

And even if the quality of your work is not how you envisioned it, there’s no better time to be shit than right now.



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