Your Way or the Flawed Way

The internet is a bustling forum of people, young and old,  having their say online.

Some spread their message through blogs like this one, some through music and others through Youtube videos.

There are podcasts, portfolios and so many e-commerce websites that you could surf the web for the rest of your life and only scratch the surface of what the internet has to offer.

So how do you break through the noise? How do you grab people’s attention and, more importantly, how do you keep it?

The answer is simple but also incredibly difficult.

Be yourself.

It’s easy to copy. Anyone can imitate and emulate and reciprocate.

True innovation happens when you embrace the things that make you unique.

We often look at others and take note of the things they’re getting right; injecting our observations into our own work.

This is called influence.

But when the very nature of our work revolves around copying other people’s art?

That’s called plagiarism.

When it comes to creating your own art, it’s your way or the flawed way.


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